Cadre Tyler and The Best Firearms Gear Money Can Buy

Tyler is not only a friend and a brother but he’s also a gun dork, a gear dork, a Veteran of Special Operations, one of our most experienced Cadre, and GORUCK’s Director of Firearms. And lest I forget which would actually be impossible to do after the last year of work he’s also the designer »

Webb Tough – T-Shirt/Patch Bundle
Maverick 1000_GORUCK_02_Hamid_Karzai_and_US_Special_Forces_Afghanistan
Mavericks and Creating a Raving Fan Base and My Ulterior Motives
Monster_Team House_post ruck
Monster and Jason, Facebook Q&A 8/7/14
Dad_Ohio Boatin'
Boatin’ the Ohio and Owin’ a Case of Beer
Buddy Guy concert_Budweiser bottoms_01
Learning Buddy Guy and Live Budweiser
Firearms Gear Pre-Sale and (not) GORUCK.com
FIrearms Gear at the Range_08_Las Vegas
B-Roll at the Range and That’s a Wrap in Vegas
Rifle Violin Cases_Las Vegas_15
Mag Bricks and the Last Hour of the Flight in Las Vegas
Dave Blizard_GORUCK Nation_AAR Rucking
You Keep Us Going and Semper Fi
Missing Monster
Monster’s Grief Requited
Firearms Gear Photo Shoot_01_Coyote All
PTBUF’ing Firearms Gear All Before 9am in Vegas
Proving GORUCK Tough Sandbags_Built in the USA_24
The Toughest Sandbags Ever Built