Monster_Bullet Ruck_17


Monster in the Bullets

Hey Monster get over here it’s time for you to earn your keep. The world’s a rough place and you gotta work hard or you’ll starve and you might as well learn that sooner than later. As in now. And then he came and said sure I like my bison venison stuff and the steak »

Monster_Coyote 10L Bullet Ruck_01
Monster Unveils … Steals and Deals
Cadre Tyler_Afghanistan
Coming Back After a (War) Injury
War Stories, GORUCK’s Mission, and Building Bridges
Cadre Dan and GORUCK Heavy, The Ultimate Team Event
Monster and the Beach: A Prequel
GORUCK Expeditions and Building Better Americans
Monster_DC Polar Vortex_01
Monster and Jill and Welcome to DC
Smashing Pumpkins_Gish Album Cover
Smashing Pumpkins, the Gish Tour, and GORUCK’s First Winter
GORUCK Challenge_Class 001
Challenge Class 1,000: Back to the Beginning
A Perfect Monster_01
A Perfect Monster
Homage to Wild Bill
Java_Let it Snow_DC_01
Java Says Bring It, Polar Vortex