GORUCK photo shoot 7/17/2016Photo by Chris Condon

Rucking: The Benefits

Do you want to… Be more active? Burn more calories? Get stronger? Improve your posture? Have a healthier heart? Be part of a Ruck Hard Play Hard community? Yeah, us too. Rucking is the path. Be More Active “Rucking Is Every Man’s Favorite New Fitness Trend” (Men’s Health) because it works, and it’s sustainable. You can …

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Monster 101

He’s the face of GORUCK. We call him the President of GORUCK Nation (because he is). But why? Who is he? GORUCK is a “company” that builds gear and produces events. So why are we talking about a dog? Because life is too short to be boring, and Monster makes everything more fun. We could build gear and …

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