GORUCK Event Looky Loos

look·y-loo ˈlo͝okēˌlo͞o/ noun a person who, out of curiosity, lingers around the scene of an accident, etc., or strives to get a look into the private property of others, especially celebrities.   GORUCK events are one of a kind. That being the case, people who happen to find themselves in the same spot as a …

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Aegis Nova: Now LIVE

AGENTS, LEAD THE WAY AT AEGIS NOVA Continue the fight at Aegis Nova XM Anomaly Events across the globe. Stealth Ops and Urban Ops events are coming to the following Anomaly sites: 5/28/16 – Brooklyn, NY 5/28/16 – Savannah, GA 5/28/16 – Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN 5/28/16 – Rotterdam, Netherlands 5/28/16 – Cape Town, South Africa 5/28/16 …

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