GORUCK x Ingress: New Anomaly Ops Live Around the World

Ingress Agents, it’s time to ruck up. The fate of your faction depends on you. New anomaly. New events. GORUCK Anomaly Ops for #Obsidian are live. Feb 27, 2016 Primary: Rio de Janeiro, Brasil Satellite: Madrid, Spain Satellite: Hamamatsu, Japan Satellite: Seattle, WA, USA Satellite: Milwaukee, WI, USA April 2, 2016 Primary – Hong Kong Satellite: Colombo, Sri …

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Leadership, Teamwork and Communication at the GORUCK Challenge

Our Special Forces Cadre have years of experience solving problems and building teams in the world’s harshest environments. They train armies to be their best — then work with them to achieve mission success, together. We call that Charming the Snake. It’s a process that requires skills in leadership, teamwork and communication (including rapport building). …

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