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We build the best gear right here in the USA, we lead team-building endurance events based on our experiences in Special Forces, and we love to ruck.

GORUCK Special Events: Oklahoma City Memorial

On 19 April, 1995, a domestic terrorist destroyed the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building and damaged more than 300 other buildings. GORUCK Oklahoma City Events will memorialize and honor those who were lost and those who survived. We will ruck to the memorial and visit other key locations that honor the sacrifices that tragic day. …

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PRESS: Special Forces Soldier and GORUCK CEO Jason McCarthy Joins Board of Directors at Green Beret Foundation

From PR Newswire: “‘I am who I am because of my time in Special Forces, so it’s an honor to serve our Regiment as a board member for the Green Beret Foundation. My goals are to help aggressively expand fundraising opportunities while further explaining the vital importance of the Green Berets to a grateful American public,’ Jason said.” Read more here.

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