Ozone Burger Barn, Highway 21, Arkansas

Driving through the middle of everywhere known as the Ozarks, which are equally beautiful and underrated, we found love at first sight. Half the fun at the Burger Barn was walking around while we waited, talking to local park rangers (pray for rain for Arkansas if that’s your thing — they desperately need it). The rest of the fun was the food itself. If you ask what to eat, you’ll likely hear “that’s what the menu’s for.” And if you ask what to drink, you’ll likely hear “look, this is real simple here.” And it is, in the best of ways.


  1. Blake says:

    Head to Ozark, Ar for Rivertowne BBQ which is arguably the best pulled pork in Arkansas. Or Come to Fort Smith’s famous “Doe’s Eat Place” for the best steak in Arkansas.

  2. MARY K SHEEHAN says:

    This place would not!!!!!take an order from my nephew. They went hiking after they just lost there grandma. They spread her ashes up in those mountains. ….I am going to report there butt

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