Rucking & Training

Cadre Fagan & Building Better Americans

Hey y’all, I shadowed the Service Brewing GORUCK Light in Savannah, Georgia. Read the story and check out more photos from the event here. It… Read more

GORUCK Service Brewing Light

  Two real cool things are GORUCK and beer. But, what is cooler than that? Doing a rad service project that includes GORUCK and one… Read more

The Rucking White Paper (BETA)

PART 1 – HOW TO GET STARTED & THE FUNDAMENTALS Let’s just say this and start here: rucking is simple to start. You can do… Read more

Travel & EDC

COMMUNITY: Making Friends Across the World with GORUCK Clubs

In 2002, I flew to Istanbul on a one-way ticket, with plans to meet people and get into adventures. I didn’t know anyone and didn’t… Read more

The Alligator Farm, St. Augustine, Florida (With Rucks On)

I’ve always enjoyed sharing adventures as well as local places that you can’t find anywhere else. The Alligator Farm has been around for over 125… Read more

Back in Vietnam – 008: The Caravelle Hotel

The trips I’ve made back to Vietnam with Jason, Paul and Andy brought back many memories – some good and some not so good –… Read more

News & Updates

COMMUNITY: Why I Started My Own GORUCK Club

I have a secret to confess: I started a GORUCK club for selfish reasons. There’s a perfectly good GORUCK club at GRHQ, only 4 miles… Read more

International Women’s Day 2019

March 8. It’s a day tied up with a lot of interconnected emotions for me. Since 1975, this specific date has been celebrated around the… Read more

Savage Race x GORUCK and a Rucking Division Announcement

It had been too long and it was an easy yes. We’ve worked with Savage Race for a year or so and Sam, CEO &… Read more