Rucking & Training

The Inaugural Rogue Invitational + GORUCK Event Breakdown

The Rogue Invitational kicked off its inaugural two day CrossFit competition hosted by Rogue May 18th and 19th. This event was considered a “sanctioned” event,… Read more

Team Assessment Outline and Scenario

Team Assessment Outline and Scenario Phase 0 (1100 5/9/19): Admin Check-in Assign Team Roster Numbers Weigh-in Medical Administrative brief Ruck Inspection 1300hrs Phase 1(1400 5/9/19):… Read more

Team Assessment: Class 000 | Very Fair

Team Assessment – the first annual – is in the books and it felt like a big success to us. Two teams successfully completed 48… Read more

Travel & EDC

Every Girl Needs a Little Black Ruck by Emily

Hands down, my all-time favorite bag is the GORUCK Echo. I had one of the first ones made and it’s been my go-to EDC and… Read more

Making Friends Across the World with GORUCK Clubs

In 2002, I flew to Istanbul on a one-way ticket, with plans to meet people and get into adventures. I didn’t know anyone and didn’t… Read more

The Alligator Farm, St. Augustine, Florida (With Rucks On)

I’ve always enjoyed sharing adventures as well as local places that you can’t find anywhere else. The Alligator Farm has been around for over 125… Read more

News & Updates

Service: The Very Foundation of GORUCK

The very existence of GORUCK came about because of men and women that served. Founder Jason McCarthy developed the idea after creating a “go-bag” for… Read more

GORUCK Firearms Courses Prepare Law Enforcement Officers for Real Life Scenarios

  Sometimes the thin blue line is really thin. When the only thing standing between order and anarchy is a brave and well-trained police officer… Read more

Cadre Aaron Forum & Shoot Center

“It’s my personal goal to expose 1 Million+ people to firearms safety training.” -Aaron Forum, Owner/Operator Shoot Center Back in 2017, we stopped by Fort… Read more