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Remembering 9/11, America United

This 15th year since 9/11, thousands of us gathered in cities across America to honor the fallen and share stories of 9/11. We thanked firemen and police officers and military members for their service, and their sacrifice, and we all left more inspired to serve something greater than ourselves, no matter our profession. “When people …

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Never Forget 9/11

Time marches on and it’s almost 15 years since 9/11. How do we honor those who paid the ultimate sacrifice? How do we talk about what that day meant to us? How do we Never Forget? The 9/11 GORUCK Challenge was our first “Special Event” back in 2010. The goal then is the goal now: …

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DC and Everywhere 9/11

Dan’s last event for a while and his first ever in DC and it might as well be the 9/11 Challenge/Light to honor what that day meant to all of us. Speaking of sentiment he drove to DC with some good North Carolina lumber because he “really likes this log” and I’m like man you …

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