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From WIRED: “The GR1 is copied from a Special Forces medic’s bag (you can Google “DA med-pack” or “tactical medic pack” to find used ones on eBay). Med-packs use a mounting system called the MOLLE (Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment) system. Med-packs are covered in MOLLE webbing, inside and out. Medics store and organize their gear …

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GR1 Not on Sale

I’ve owned a Black GR1 as long as anyone, it’s a great ruck and our single best seller now and forever. It’s priced at $295 and it’s not on sale now or on Black Friday. Here’s why. We all have theories about what things should cost. This is expensive, that’s cheap. Buy a Coke in …

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PRESS: Survival Fitness Tips & Mistakes to Avoid

From RECOIL OFFGRID: “Ruck marching is the latest trend in the world of “survival athletics.” It’s inspired by the tradition of military marches, where soldiers carry heavy packs to build endurance. When proper precautions are taken, “rucking” is a safe and highly-effective exercise for burning calories and building functional strength. More importantly to survivalists, it’s a …

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