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038: The GORUCK Show – Chicago Star Course, Space Marines, and boots w/ Cadre Mickey

The idea of this show is to feel like you’re sitting down for a beer (or six) with your friends. This week we did just that. Bomber, Lee, and Cadre Mickey sit down and crack a few cold ones while they talk about the Chicago Star Course, Space Marines, and of course what it’s like …

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PRESS: GORUCK’s MACV-1 Was Inspired by Vietnam-Era Jungle Boots

  From Tactical-Life: “GORUCK is best known for its rucksacks, apparel and rucking events, but the Florida-based company is now stepping—see what we did there?—into the footwear world with its new MACV-1 jungle rucking boot. The shoe is a collaboration between three people: GORUCK founder and 10th Special Forces Group veteran Jason McCarthy; Paul Litchfield, creator of …

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