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027: The GORUCK Show – Rucking Colombia

Jason McCarthy and Emily McCarthy share their tales of hiking aka rucking in the mountains of Colombia (and why it’s an awesome time to go). Plus: travel tips, women’s GORUCK apparel and that time Emily kicked Jason’s ass with a ruck on. Aired live on March 22th, 2018. Watch The GORUCK Show live on our Facebook …

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Remembering 9/11, America United

This 15th year since 9/11, thousands of us gathered in cities across America to honor the fallen and share stories of 9/11. We thanked firemen and police officers and military members for their service, and their sacrifice, and we all left more inspired to serve something greater than ourselves, no matter our profession. “When people …

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Charming the Snake Origins and Our Roots in Special Forces

  We steal all our best ideas. Oh wait, what I mean is that GORUCK has been in every way founded on our roots in Special Forces. And we do what we know best, and then we do more of it. Charming the Snake is further proof of that. It’s a way of life for …

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